Selling a Board Game

1. Hard Nut to Crack:

Congratulations, you managed to develop your game and even get a sample for it. Now it is time to start selling your board game. Whether you want to sell to retailers or fund your game via Kick starter, selling a board game to an audience can be challenging.

You will need to have access to reviewers, get assistance in launching your Kick starter, Produce videos, get reviews on Board Game Geek, and more.

2. Board Game Reviewers:

After you are done with your board game manufacturing, it is crucial you let the world know your game is in the market. To help you with your next step, Because, Hero Time has compiled a list of board game reviewers whom you can contact and introduce your game.

3. Selling a Board game:

Board Game Reviewers are an excellent tool for marketing and can increase the awareness for your game by a tenfold. If you get a lot of good reviews and your Board Game Geek game profile shows it your chances of a publishers picking your game up or that your game gets into stores increases

4. Hero Time Assistance:

At Hero Time, we have compiled together a list of partners for each category that will be happy to give you fantastic service for a feasible price. Just mention Hero Time when you contact them, and they will provide a discount or a benefit. Hero Time wishes you a lot of good luck in your venture.

Services for Selling a Board Game

Kickstarter Assistance

Video Production

Board Game Reviewers

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