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Rulebook Editing

You’re making great progress with your game’s design and have a few test sessions behind your back. Now it’s time to put all your ideas on paper and define the final mechanics in a snappy, comprehensive, and engaging manner, so players can take a quick gander at the rules and jump straight into the action! Easy-peasy!

Let’s go through the checklist. Did you detail all the rules and those few but tricky exceptions? Is your wording consistent across all mentions of the same concept? How about the particular game terms? Did you provide clear examples? And be honest now, did you do it all in style?


“Don’t Fall Into The Trap”

The rulebook for board games is an essential piece of any board game – without it, your players can’t even begin playing, let alone enjoy what you’ve carefully designed! However, it’s alarmingly easy to take the written rules for granted or leave them for the last minute. Sadly, this common pitfall has plagued countless (otherwise excellent!) games, preventing them from reaching the audience they truly deserve. But not yours!

Our editors are here to take care of things for you. They’ll tighten up your rules, sprinkle just a little flair in your prose, and advise you how best to present your vision to the world.

With professional editing by experienced industry veterans, your rules will grab and hold the attention of happy gamers across the globe. See, it is easy after all!

“Meet Our Wordsmiths”

Nikola R. Petrov

Nikola R. Petrov is an award-winning board game designer with a background in creative writing and games journalism. Before making games full-time, He graduated from Law School, so handling rules and complicated text is second nature to him. Nik’s writing has been published in prominent gaming publications, the rulebooks and tutorials of many board and video games, and even taught to a Digital Media and Video Games class at Sofia University.

What Do You Get from our Wordsmiths?

Your work-in-progress rulebook will receive the full proofreading and editing treatment it deserves! Naturally, the creative process will be slightly different for every book, but the steps usually go like this:

  1. The editor will read through your rules and fix any spelling and grammar mistakes first;
  2. The Proofreader will clear up your phrasing and unify your keywords & terms across the text;
  3. The reviser will work with you on providing clear and useful examples;
  4. The Copy-reader will put just a touch of creative writing in your text, fully complying with the tone and mood you’ve set with your core design and the game’s theme.

Words are hard, and it’s okay to ask for help! You focus on creating the best possible gameplay experience, and our professionals iron out the details!

“Rulebook for Board Games Editing Price”

1. The cost of editing is $0.10 per word, based on the text you send out. For best results, please include all information (component list, etc.) and pictures where possible.

2. The editor will go through the entire text and provide an initial draft, usually with a few comments and questions.

3. Based on your feedback, the editor will create up to two revisions of the initial draft before considering the text final. Any further revisions will be billed as a new edit at $0.10 per word.

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