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Video Production for Board Game Marketing

Video Production for Board Game Marketing (Especially KS)

1. Video Production for Board Games:

One of the critical factors which can set your Kickstarter apart from the many board game Kickstarter around is the video. The first thing most people click when they arrive at a project page before they scroll to see the project’s description is the page’s video.

2. Hero Time Discount Offer:

That’s why we can recommend some of the industry’s best videographers to help you create a fantastic video, which will help your Kickstarter succeed! 

Mention, Hero Time to get a discount.

“Our Partners – Order is by Price”

1. Oniro Creative

1. Oniro Agency:

Oniro is a creative agency that crafts immersive visuals and cinematic experiences for board games and is currently working with some of the industry’s top publishers and game designers. 

2. Milestones of Oniro:

They have worked on games like SantoriniGorilla MarketingDice Throne: Season Two. Get in touch with them at!

3. Price: 

The Price is 4000USD for Kickstarter.

2. Kagan Productions

1. Kagan Intro: 

Video production for Kickstarter, Kagan Productions is a leading video production studio based in Israel. They specialize in creating media content for board games and crowdfunding promotional videos. They can create 2D and 3D animation, live-action, or a combination of both. 

2. Services By Kagan:

They provide a full-service from creative, scripting, voice-overs, and even animated GIFs for your campaign. If you like what you see, you can get a quote for your game at

3. Price:

Price – Quote per project.

3. Mesa Game Lab

1. Mesa Game Intro:

Video production for Kickstarter, Mesa Game Lab specializes in animation and visual effects. The company creator is David Diaz, animator, and designer of the game Fossilis

2. Contact Us:

You can get in touch with them by filling out their contact form at, and remember to mention Hero Time when you do!

3. Price:

Price – anywhere from 1000-3000USD

4. The Cardboard Stacker:

1. Card Board Stacker Intro:

Ferdinand Capitulo (The Cardboard Stacker)  is a freelancer specializing in video and animation creation since 2016 and working exclusively in the board gaming industry. 

2. Services By Card Board Stacker:

The list of services includes Kickstarter Video, GIFs, and Tutorial Video. Notable past clients include Level 99 Games25th CenturyThunderworks Games, & Steeped Games.

3. Price:

Price – 500-800USD

5. LVC games

1. LVC Games Intro:

LVC Games specializes in simple but highly thematic videos for first time Kickstarters and low budget projects. Concentrating on your story and your game’s theme, they will ensure that even brand new indie games get the start they deserve.

2. Price:

Price 150-300USD

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