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In Hero time, we strive to create a trusted one-stop-shop for board game creators to manufacture their board games. We believe that all creators are equal, whether large, small, experienced, or first-timers already in the first steps of designing the game and choosing components. The creators can get on a call or talk via email to determine their game’s best components, sizes, and price options. During manufacturing, the creators will get consistent updates of progress with a precise timeline and updates, so they do not stay in the dark but are involved in the manufacturing. Hero Time also aims to provide all the necessary surrounding services for creators, from exclusive fulfillment and shipping services to CE testing, IP protection, Game testing, KS assistance, a list of reviewers, and more.


About Hero Time:


Hero Time is the first foreign-owned enterprise in China to deal exclusively with board and card games. The company was founded by Hersh Glueck in August 2019 after Hersh realized that many new and indie board game creators are often marginalized and don’t have access to the same level of services large publishers have.

Many creators – experienced or new – do not have sufficient access to critical information when making their games and do not feel like someone is there for them. Hero Time was founded to change this status quo and provide a platform for game creators to get all they need in the easiest way possible.

Since childhood Hersh was a board game fan, playing various games with his three brothers and sisters. Hersh has been living in China for six years, and after his brother created his game Zaberias, and faced challenges with manufacturers, Hersh decided to open Hero Time and make board game manufacturing accessible to all.

 “HERO TIME’s Guiding Principles”

  1. Transparency – We help you understand the logic behind our prices and show you how to maximize quality while minimizing your costs.

  2. Personal service – we put a face to the person on the manufacturing side and schedule video/audio calls during production so you know your game is in good hands.

  3. Each game is unique – Every game is unique and is best produced with different toolings and processes. We tailor our production process according to your game to lower costs as much as possible.

  4. Available anywhere –  Hero Time is there for you when you need it. Creators can interact with us on Facebook, by video/audio calls or by email

  5. Hand in hand every step of the wayHero Time’s goal is not merely to manufacture but to make sure every game creator we work with is happy. We are always there even after the game arrived to backers and end customers.

  6. We treat each game as our own – as board game fans, we view each game as our own and make sure it is made in the best way possible.

  7. Fast response time – Hero time is always there for you and will not ghost anyone no matter what the situation is.

  8. Honesty and openness – We will let you know if we believe your game can be manufactured better by a different manufacturer. 

  9. Assurance – Hero Time ensures every creator is happy with their game; if anything is wrong with it, Hero Time will correct it for no extra costs.

  10. Give back to the community – As Hero Time grows, we will create more tools, services, and content to help the board and game community advance.

Meet The Team

Hersh Glueck

Founder & CEO

A Boardgame addict that put it as his mission to build a platform for small and medium publishers to get their games in ease

Yang Yu Hua

Graphic Designer specialist & Printing Supervisor

Has grown up in a family that owned a printing house and worked in the industry since the age of 16.

Hunag Li Bin

Production and quality control manager

Has worked as a Quality Control in SGS testing labs, and for Disney products across China.

Jessie Zhang

Integrated Marketing Manager

Worked as a strategic marketing planner for companies such as Filmora, Tencent etc. Joined our community to oversee all marketing activities

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– Hersh (Founder of HeroTime)


Board Game Creators are the pillars of the board game industry. As a board game manufacturer, it is our duty to make sure you have everything you need throughout your journey.


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