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Many board games, and sometimes even card games, use a playing board in their game. The board is used as the game map, a point tracker, a game layout, and more.

Some games prefer having a dynamic/versatile game board (usually adventure/RPG), and for that, they use map tiles, which were covered in board game tiles. This article will cover a one-piece board for board games and talk about foldable game boards, their dimension, material, and template.

"Foldable Game Board"

Foldable game boards are used when the playing board is too large to fit in the box in one piece. There are various ways of folding a game board, but generally, there are three ways.

1. No Fold:

A no fold game board is simply one piece of cardboard. As board games are generally limited in size and packaging, it is recommended to not pass the 30*30CM (12.5*12.5 inch).  

2. Bi Fold Game Board:

A bi-fold game board can be seen largely in classic games such as Scrabble. Boxes with these boards tend to be rectangular to contain the length of the game board when it is folded. It can be folded horizontally or Vertically.

3. Quad Fold Game Board:

If your game board is a square, it is best to use the Quad fold game board, as it will ensure that when your game is folded it will maintain its square dimensions.

4. Six Fold Game Board:

A game board that has a long side to it, can be folded into a six-Fold. a six-fold is used in many current Euro and Indie games; they are rectangular and are usually very large. They max out at 640x880mm

Generally speaking, there are two ways to make a foldable game board; one way is a covered fold, and the other is a clean cut. View this video to learn more.

"Board Game Board Material"

The game board, like the chits and tiles, should be ideally made out of cardboard. We recommend using a 2mm thick cardboard to keep the game board from bending out of shape. In that regard, the game board should also be made of high-quality, dense cardboard to prevent it from cracking, as there is a lot of weight applied on the seams during the folding and opening action.

However, unlike chits and tiles, which are best made with 250gsm paper, game boards are better off using 157gsm paper. As 250gsm is thicker, it will not allow the game board to fold completely flat and separate easily from the connected two pieces.

To ensure the thinner paper does not tare and that the game board does not crack in the seam, Hero Time offers a new reinforced game board with a fabric line holding the two pieces of the board. Ask us about it.

"Board Game Board Sizes"

In this component, there is a difference between large and small publishers. While large publishers can customize the paper size they get from the paper mill, small publishers need to stick to the standard dimensions to lower costs. We covered this in more depth in the series of How Much Does it Cost to Make a Board Game.

But to go straight to the point, here are the most cost-effective sizes, and they are divided by Small, Medium, and Large. The game board does not have to fit precisely to the size mentioned but can be within the given scope. 


  • 360x390mm (14×15.3 inch)

  • 380x430mm (15x17inch)


  • 390x540mm (15.3×21″)

  • 430x580mm (16.9×22.8″)  *430x580mm is not available for 500 sets, only 1000 sets and up.


  • 480x730mm (19×28.5″)

  • 530×770 (21.3×30.3″)

  • 540×840 (21.2×33″)



  • 580x880mm (22.8×34.6″)  This is available only from 1000 sets and up.

  • 640*880mm (25×34.6″). From 2000 sets and up. 

In addition to these sizes, there are two popular sizes for board games. However, they are not cost-effective for small publishers and will increase the price of the game.

These sizes are: 508x508mm (20x20inch) , 609x609mm (24x24inch). Due to the large waste in these sizes, it is best to have them only from 2000 sets and up.

"Board Game Board Template"

We are currently working on developing an automatic template generator. We will notify you when it is ready.

"Board Game Board Binding"

Boardgame boards can either be open edge or wrapped edge. Wrapped edge is about 0.15USD per board, so it is best to use it if you have only one board in your game. If you have multiple boards, it is better to use an open edge.

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– Hersh (Founder of HeroTime)