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Most Common Mistakes for Game Artwork

When working on your board game artwork and graphic design, it is not enough to just find artists — you also need to make sure your graphic design is clean and will be printed well and beautifully. This is where we at Hero Time come in.  

Most Common Mistakes in board game graphic design 

Graphic Design for board games is one thing you don’t want to miss when putting together your project. A good Graphic Designer will keep your project cohesive and allow your story to be told over the course of the printing, production, webpages, and advertising.  

The most common mistakes game creators make are: 


      1. Mistake artwork and graphic design as interchangeable terms (these two things are completely different. One creates artwork and the other places it on the files) 

      1. Try to do it themselves with zero experience and zero guidance  

      1. Not aligning all the artwork and icons properly 

      1. The artwork isn’t the right size and is then is cut out improperly 

      1. The colors are not balanced and do not come out with a good effect 

      1. The use of too many layers and effects combined with an incorrect use of programs

    How to avoid these mistakes


        1. Watch our YouTube series that explain 20 common mistakes and how to avoid them. This series is both for first time and experienced graphic designers. You can watch the playlist at the Hero Time Youtube Channel  

        1. As you work on your game, you should have someone to check your board game graphic design and give you some pointers. You can book a free session here  

        1. If you are too busy and are not interested in the above solutions you can use our inhouse Graphic Design team, who can help with your project and will work with you through every step to ensure your project is ready to print and go live.

      Graphic Designs Needed for your Game

      Although they might all overlap in some ways, graphic design services can be divided into three categories: Games, Advertising, Crowdfunding.

      Print Design

      Anything from Icons to logos, art placement, and set up for print ready file, the graphic designer can help create cohesive work across the various parts of the project. They work with the artist(s) to keep the balance between theme and usability intact. 

      Advertising Design

      Using the work done for your project a suite of banners and images can be created to help you get the word out about your project. Professional graphics, whether posted on social media, or included in an email blast show that you take it seriously and want to keep people excited along the way. 

      Kickstarter Design

      There are many design needs on Kickstarter like header images, title images and more. Be sure they match your game by hiring a professional to do the layouts and images for everything from the header to the stretch goals. It is often overlooked, or left until the last minute, but the graphics and presentation of the crowdfunded project is as important as the actual information on the page, and without good, clear design people may not be able to find the information they need to make a good decision.


      Be sure to contact us with the scope of the project for a quote. Package pricing helps keep all of the costs known at the time of quoting so you don’t have any surprises. 

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