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Shipping Board Games FAQ’S

Hero Time offers board game creators shipping and fulfilling services for board games. If you have ran a KS campaign and you need to send your game to multiple locations, we will take care of each game and send it to its destination.  

Plus, if your customers are from around the world and you need warehousing at a global location that can send games anywhere across the world for a reasonable price, we are here for you. For only 10$ a month per CBM, we will store handle and ship your merchandise.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can HeroTime help me with shipping?

Shipping Board Games is a tricky part, but Yes. Defiantly. Hero Time believes in added service and will do anything to help game creators.

Shall I ship by air or by sea?

Though shipping by air is much faster (7 days rather than 30) the company charges by weight and the cost can come out up to 5 times higher.

How much is the average weight of a game?

It largely depends on your game and the number of components you have. A game like Amun – Ra or Zaberias is nearly 2 kilos, while smaller card games can be 0.6 Kilos. It is best you weigh your game or ask HeroTime to do it.

Are there any new tariffs on game imports?

Currently, in the US board games fall under HS Code 950490, and hence do not have any additional VAT charges.

In the UK, EU, and Canada the VAT is 20%. In AU and NZ the GST is 15%

How to calculate the CBM of my game?

Take your outer box then multiply the length x height x width, giving you the space of each game box. Multiply the total amount by 1.45, to accommodate for the shipping boxes, and then multiply that by the number of games you have, and you get the entire space they take. 

So length x height x width x 1.45 x number of games.

Will any of my games be damaged during shipping?

It depends on the shipping channel you use, if you are only printing up to 2000 games, we might choose UPS shipping which is not palletized, and then the damage rate can go up to 3%, if you palletize your games, damage rates will be less than 1%. However, keep in mind, that palletizing small quantities is not cost-effective at all.

How can I avoid my games being damaged?

One way to avoid damage is by packing the games on pallets. However, you should consider that pallets add an extra 30% for space and CBM. and cost an extra $25 per pallet.

Do I need a special license to import board games?

If you use Hero Time shipping channels you do not need to have a license, as Hero Time acts as the importer. We went out of the way and applied an import license in most countries so you do not need to worry about it. If you want to use other shipping channels it is also possible, but make sure you have a customs agent you can trust to handle everything, as prices can increase dramatically if there are any delays.

Shall I add anything special on the box?

Yes. You should have that it was made in China and by HeroTime. You can also add the HS or your own code. On each individual game, you should have safety for kids icons, the appropriate age of players, and the number of players the game is designed for.

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