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Why Does Crowdfunding Board Games and Card Games Need Resources?

While self funding a board game or a card game is a straight forward process, crowdfunding a board game or a card game is lengthy process with a multitude of challenges:

  • In a crowdfunding campaign you need to think of pledge levels, stretch goals, and add on to incentivize people to back your project. On average, a quotation for a self funded game has 3-5 revisions, while a quotation sheet for a crowd funding project reaches 20-30 revisions and tweaks.
  • Unlike self funding board games and card games, Crowdfunding involves marketing your game before you even have the final version of your game. You need to be able to show people your game before they decide to back it.
  • Unlike self funding board games and card games that get distributed to stores and various warehouses pre sale, your crowdfunding board game or card game will need to to solve the fulfillment issue all at once.
  • Crowdfunding is a an extremely long process and you need to be sure you are on the right track from the start.

How Does Hero Time Help with Improving the Process?

To help you with the process we at Hero Time have developed multiple resources to ensure you have all the information and tools needed to succeed in the crowdfunding process

Getting Your Price Structure Right


Component Cost Simulator

We have aggregated all the different available components, with the most cost effective sizes, so you can check the prices to any type of component all by yourself.

All the price are industry averages, and you can use them to generate numerous quotations and revisions, all by yourself without any communicative delay. Simply contact us before you launch to confirm the final price of your game.



The ultimate guide for how to choose components, add-ons, and stretch goals

Avoid the pitfalls of offering addons and stretch goals that are too expensive, difficult to manufacture, or impossible to fulfill. Make sure you can actually deliver on your promises.

Many Crowdfunding creators promise too much and then get delayed or end up losing money.

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Fulfillment and Shipping Calculator

Do you find shipping and fulfillment a challenge? Do you need an easy system that will tell you safe prices you can offer on your KS page?

Input the weight of your game, the size of your box, and the number of addons to get an estimate price for your campaign worldwide.

Prepare for Your Campaign


Low MOQ for Crowdfunding Prototypes

Many game publishers of crowdfunding platforms need to have samples so they can give reviews and market their games. Use our automated sample-making process to get high-quality samples to share and create a buzz around.

Please note that this option is limited to our standard sizes without customization. These games are also not suitable for selling on the market. If you are looking for a high-quality low quantity game production, we highly recommend “The Game Crafter


Get access to over 60 reviewers that would love to review your upcoming Crowdfunding campaign

In this list we have gathered over 60 different reviewers’ contact details and data so you can simply scroll through it and find those that align most perfectly with your game theme and feel.


The Essential Crowdfunding Checklist

Crowdfunding is a massive project with dozens of moving parts. Download this checklist so you can stay organized and focused on your campaign.

If you complete all these steps your chances of success will quadruple.


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The Ultimate Kickstarter Marketing Course for Games

This course is a first of its kind course, developed by the crowdfunding nerds (AKA Next Level Web), a group of marketing professionals who happen to be enthusiastic game designers and creators. In their course you will learn how to fund on day one, and keep the momentum going.

With Hero Time you can join their course for free (yes 100% discount) upon making your game prototypes. 


Launch Successfully


How to construct your Kickstarter page to ensure it converts as many backers as possible

Do you want to know how the top 100 KS pages constructed and laid out their page?

In this guide we have aggregated all the information and found a clear pathway anyone can follow and implement.

Get a clear list of sections you should include on your KS page to maximize conversion

Please to download the checklist.


Kickstarter Success Calculator

Want to know your chances of success before you launch your Kickstarter? Need to know your required ad spent budget to reach your funding goal?

With this easy tool you simply need to input the cost of your game production (calculated by the price simulator), your retail price, and the number of subscribers to get your funding goal, success rate, and needed ad spent budget.

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