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While many industries across the world have transformed their businesses and became Eco friendly. In the board game industry this trend is still very much in its early stages.  To help advance the board game industry we at Hero Time started a new line for Eco Friendly Board Game Manufacturing.

Here are some of the adjustments we have made to available in our production line for board game publishers who want to make eco friendly production board games. You will be surprised by how cheap they turn out to be.

1. FSC Renewable paper:

FSC paper is paper that is under strict regulation of responsible foresting.  The Forest Stewardship Council insures that for each tree that was cut down, a new tree will be planted. This is essential to keep the paper industry sustainable, and without it we will run out of trees and paper all together. The FSC issues certificates to paper mills who take responsibility for our planet. We will buy the paper for your game from Jiangsu Bohui mill. Check the certificate by clicking the link.

The cost of FSC paper is slightly more expensive; about 12cents per sheet of paper and that’s it.

2. Eco Friendly Printing and Ink:

The cheapest ink to use for printing is a petrol based ink, however, this ink also damages the environment. For this production line we purchase our ink directly from the Japanese DIC ink manufacturer who have a line of Water Based ink for offset printing. Water base ink not only helps decrease the output of carbon into the atmosphere, but it’s a lot safer for kids, as there is no lead and heavy metal soluble used in it. 

The price of water base ink is calculated in two ways. The price of the ink itself comes out about 2 cent more expensive per sheet. Plus there is a need to wash and clean the machine before printing the environment friendly batch, this wash adds 400USD for the whole game production.


3. Eco Friendly Water Base Coating on board games:

Most board game publishers use lamination or oil varnish to coat their game box and cards. There are only a few places across China that use a water base coating. This like with the water base ink, and will make a big difference.  The beauty of water coating is that it is actually the same price as any other oil or petrol base varnish

4. Zero Plastic in Packaging:

To keep the box sealed and the cards in place most factories will use shrink wrap. In our production line we came out with the solution of using paper ribbons and easy peal paper stickers on the cards and box (this method was checked with a few pioneering publishers). rather than using shrink wrap for the cards we will wrap the cards with a paper band around them, and seal the box with easy peal paper stickers on both sides. 

These stickers make a big difference and even promote the brand as publishers can print anything they wish on those stickers. This extra manual labor does add 0.2USD for the average game.

A great example for this is the game “The Pyramid of Khufu”
pyramid of khufu 2
pyramid of khufu 3
FSC certificate final
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5. Recyclable Shrink Wrap for Packaging:

If you would like your game and cards to have a shrink wrap protection to it, and it is understandable. Still, you can choose shrink wrap made from recyclable POF material rather than fresh PVC made especially for your game. You can also combine in your game and have the shrink wrap only around your box, but not other components. Every small contribution helps.

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– Hersh (Founder of HeroTime)


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