Making a Board Game

“Making a game is a quite long & difficult procedure. We at Hero Time understand how complicated and lengthy the process it can be.”

Why HERO TIME for Board Games?

Most game creators work solo or pair up with a friend to work on their game, and with such a complex project, they need one centralized place to accommodate all the services. That is why at Hero Time, we have created an ecosystem that facilitates all the necessary services for your game development, production, and fulfillment.

Many creators, experienced and new, do not have sufficient access to critical information when making their games and do not feel like someone is there for them. Hero Time was founded to change this status quo and provide a platform for game creators to get all they need in the easiest way possible.

When making a Board game, there are many different components and materials to choose from. Even in a seemingly simple piece such as a card, the paper used can have different cores, weight, and finish. Boxes are of various thicknesses and sizes as well, depending on how durable you wish the game to be, how big, or the general impression it gives.

On this page, you will find all the services we offer regarding making a game, from game development and playtesting to artwork, Patent , Safety test and more.

"Services for Making a Board Game"

Board Game Testing

Rulebook Editing