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Finding a board game artist profile to fit your vision and at the same time provide affordable services can be tough. Because, we have teamed up with three incredibly talented artists all offering different artistic styles to fit your game. We trust that whichever one you choose, you will not be disappointed.

John De Campos

John De Campos

John has been producing illustrations professionally since 2013. He has a vast amount of experience making games and comic books and has created a versatile but instantly identifiable style.

He is also co-designer of the game Token Terrors: Battlegrounds and has created artwork for several successful Kickstarters. For more samples of his work visit www.ghostbatart.com

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Mira Dzhantova

Mira Dzhantova

Mira is a professionally qualified illustrator and concept artist, specialized in character art. She has experience in a variety of work settings including private freelance and industry work. Her artworks feature an array of techniques and styles.

For more examples of her work visit:

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Tanya Pleshkova

Tanya is a Russian illustrator with a diverse set of skills for creating truly mesmerizing artwork. Her artwork can be seen on the successful Scarlet Envelope Kickstarter and on her instagram page.

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“Complete Working Cycle of Board Game Artists”

  1. Choose an artist with a style that suits your game.
  2. The artist will send you three sketches of possible artwork.
  3. After you choose the art you would like for your game, the artist will move on to coloring the piece.
  4. Provide some feedback as to the art and colors, and tell the artist if there is anything you would like to change.
  5. The artist will add some final touches such as shade, light effects, etc.
  6. View the final work and confirm, or ask for a revision. You will have up to three free revisions of the artwork.

“Cost of Artwork”

Artwork is an extremely dynamic and bespoke service provided per game; and there are no two games alike, hence there is no set price for work. Because, It depends for the most part on your request, style, level of details, and the number of components. 

However, you can be sure that all our in-house artists offer premium artwork for a reasonable and acceptable price.

While some artists charge a fee of over 100USD per hour or over 8K per project, our artists understand the need of board game creators and complete projects can go anywhere between 200-4000USD, depending on your needs. 

*If you did not like any of our in house artists and would like to ask other artists, feel free to visit our general artists page 

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