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Phone: +86 132 6309 5321 

Email: Manufacture@HeroTime1.com   

Address: Unit 2508a, Bank of America Tower, 12 Harcourt Rd, Central, HongKong

Board Game Manufacturer & Supplier

HeroTime provides manufacturing liaison services with rigorous quality assurance for the manufacturing of board games, card games, miniature games, and all tabletop games.


Hero Time has built strong connections with dozens of factories across China and can also provide an ample supply of games for wholesalers, buyers, retailers, and Amazon sellers. HeroTime prides itself on competitive prices, high quality, and innovation.


Hero Time is currently offering a production line of plastic-free, environment-friendly games that use recyclable and forest-responsible paper. Plus, all its games can get a CE, REACH, and SPSC certificates for the low cost of 675USD.


Work with us to make sure that your game is manufactured with the highest standards and exceeds all your expectations.

Board Game Supplier

Hero Time is a board game supplier that provides an array of white label board games to wholesalers, Amazon sellers, retailers, and publishers. It cooperates with numerous factories to provide the best games for the lowest prices. Furthermore, HeroTime offers special licensing services for board game creators who wish to license their games.









Board Game Manufacturer

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How to Manufacture Your

Board Game with HeroTime

Step 1
Choose board game components and construction
Step 2
Determine manufacturing specification
Step 5
Check with us the best way to ship your board games
Step 4
Mass produce your game while Receiving updates throughout the process
Step 3
Get  a prototype board game & Toy

Hero Time Guarantees your game will come with the best quality possible. For Hero Time every board game creator is valuable, regardless of the size of their order. No more waiting for quotes or service, HeroTime will respond to your emails with an answer within 24 hours.