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Hero Time is a board game maker that offers creators and publishers manufacturing liaison services for their game.

Hero Time is the first foreign owned enterprise in China to exclusively deal with the manufacturing of board games. Its aim is to offer Chinese prices with European service standards.


Hero Time is all about providing high end service and letting the creator feel safe and comfortable throughout the process. It offers a variety of services from manufacturing to marketing, IP protection, and testing.

HeroTime is a new company established

to help you

Manufacture your board game safely & successfully

How to Manufacture Your

Board Game with HeroTime

Step 1
Estimate the cost of your game instantly
Step 2
Feel and choose the best materials for your cards and game
Step 5
Ship and Fulfill your game with us. Check with us the best way to ship your board games
Step 4
Mass produce your game while Receiving updates throughout the process
Step 3
Get  a digital or offset proof sample of your game.

Additional Service Packages


Protect Your Game 

Protect your game against counterfeits. Get a copyright and trademark in US or in China. 

no factory will steal your IP.

Protect Your Players

CE for European countries, CPSC for the US, ISO internationally, Canada, Australia etc. our games will pass safety tests.

Achieve Your Dream

Want marketing props for your game? need help with getting funded or reaching new customers? 

Creators' Top Featured Resources

Automatic Calculator

Board Game


ECO-friendly game

Fulfillment & shipping 




Marketing Props

Games Our Factories Made

Buy and Sell Games With Us. 

We help with licensing and selling games to Amazon sellers, retailers, and wholesalers. 

Sell more after you made your game!

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Phone: +86 132 6309 5321 


Address: Unit 2508a, Bank of America Tower, 12 Harcourt Rd, Central, HongKong