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Board Game Manufacturers in Australia

We often get emails from board game designers in Australia looking for our advice and opinions on manufacturing. A lot of the time, we’re asked for recommendations for Australian card game and board game manufacturers. 

We totally get this. If you’re a first-time game creator, working with a manufacturer that’s in your country seems like the logical choice. After all, someone local is usually going to be easy to get in touch with, and you might even be able to visit them in person to see their facility.

At the moment, there aren’t any board game manufacturers in Australia. There are several print on demand companies in Australia that may be able to make a prototype of your game concept, but when it comes to manufacturing, you’ll need to work with a factory overseas.

Currently, you can find board game manufacturers in the following countries:

  • China. China has by far the largest number of board game manufacturers. This is where we are based. China is by far the best place to manufacture your game thanks to its supply chain, cost-efficiency and access to competitively-priced shipping and fulfillment.
  • Europe. There are several good quality board game manufacturers in Europe. Germany, for example, has numerous good quality board game manufacturers. Prices are higher in Europe than in China, and many factories may have high minimum order quantities.
  • United States. There are a handful of manufacturers located in the United States. Many of these manufacturers have operations in East Asia (usually China), and others need to import certain components that aren’t made in the USA. 

We’re the first to admit we are a biased source, but in general, if you’re located in Australia and want to manufacture your game, we strongly recommend choosing a manufacturer in China for several reasons.

The first of these is that China’s supply chain for board game components and materials is by far the best in the world. All of the materials used in your board game are produced in China, such as paper, cardboard, plastic, and others. This means that there’s no need to import any materials or components that are used in your game.

When you manufacture outside of China, what frequently ends up happening is that your game is “made” in another country, but using materials and components that are imported from China in the first place. The end result is the same, but the costs are higher due to the less efficient process. 

The second is that China wins on cost, but not in the way most people think. China has lower labor costs than Australia, the United States, or Europe, which obviously helps to reduce the cost of manufacturing. 

However, China also has much lower costs for factory space, equipment (which is also made here) and materials. It also has excellent economies of scale, which means that your game is able to be completed more efficiently, again reducing costs and improving timeliness.

This is why countries with cheaper labor than China, such as India or Bangladesh, just aren’t major players in board game manufacturing. Despite the much cheaper labor, these countries don’t have the same combination of supplies, infrastructure, cost advantages and efficiency.

There are other advantages of manufacturing in China, which we’ve discussed in much more detail on our About Us page. But in general, the point we’re making is that if you’re located in Australia, China-based manufacturers are going to be your best choice 90+% of the time.

Our Services for Australian Board Game Creators

So, how do we help you, as an Australian creator? We work with lots of board game and card game designers in Australia, and our entire service is tailored to make it as simple as possible for you to take your game from concept to finished product without problems. 

Because we work with a lot of Australian board game creators, we understand what you need and can offer the following:

  • Personalized service in English. Our Creator Assistants and other staff are located in the United States, China, Malaysia, the United Kingdom and other countries. We speak English, are available during Australian working hours, and can easily be reached via email or instant messenger whenever you want to talk about your project.
  • Direct shipping to Australia. If you want to sell your game in Australia, we ship to you and have access to the most competitively-priced, convenient shipping options.
  • Excellent quality control. Our quality, both in materials and quality control, is identical to Western manufacturers. You have total control over the materials used in your game and can select from a range of options based on your desired quality and price point.
  • Australian and other safety labels. We understand Australian regulations and can help you verify that your game complies with all Australian Consumer Law regulations and Safety of Toys requirements. 

If you’d like to request a free manufacturing quote for your game, or if you’d just like to talk to our Creator Assistants about the manufacturing process, feel free to contact us using the button below.

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