Board Game Creators are the pillars of the board game industry. As a board game manufacturer, it is our duty to make sure you have everything you need throughout your journey.


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    Graphic Design

    From Artwork set up for print, to marketing materials and Kickstarter. You need to have a professional

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    Shipping & Fulfillment

    Shipping and fulfillment is one of the most challenging and onscure topics outthere. we simplified everything into a web app that you can use for free

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    Board Game Testing

    Not sure if your game is good? Do you want a professional team to test it for you? Hero Time cooperats with Player Lair

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    Board Game Reviewers

    You made your game and the time has come to start selling it. Click and find a long list of the best reviewers in the industry

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    Design Patent

    If your game is going to be a big hit, and you want to make sure no Chinese factory will copy your game for pennies on the dollar, check our services

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    KS Video Production

    If you are still looking for the right person/ company to make your video, this is the place for you. A large variety of professionals suitable for different budgets.

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