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Boxes for Board Games

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Boxes for Board Games


There are four types of boxes for board games ​

Board Game Boxes

1. Two-Piece Box

Is used for a game that has multiple decks of cards and then some extra components. It is relatively easy to make and is the most widely used form of board game box. The bigger the box though, the thicker it needs to be. 

Tuck Box Icon

2. Tuck Box

Is used for games that have a single deck of cards and maybe a rule booklet. It is light and cheap, made from the same material as the cards themselves. The tuck box is limited to 3CM (1.2″) width, as it is relatively thin. 

Foldable Box

3. Flip Box

Is a box used to leave a strong impression on the buyer. The magnet mechanism and the fact that the top is attached gives it a premium feel. Also, A flip box is stronger than a two piece box as it has an additional support layer. 

Draw Box 1

4. Draw Box

Draw box is an alternative for a tuck box and a two-piece box. It is perfect for games with a few components or a card game. It can be made either with cardboard or with a thick 400gsm paper. 

"Boxes for board games Dimensions"

There are three things to consider when deciding your board game box dimensions: the content of the box, your target retail price, and manufacturing cost.

1. Content of the Box:

As for the content of the box, you should think about all the components and pieces you want to have in your game, and the layout in which you want to have them in. Most industry leaders recommend against selling a big box with a few components in it.

As customers will feel cheated and they will frown upon the waste of space in the box. Many customers will end up throwing the box away and keeping the components separately to save space. 

2. The Retail Price:

The second thing to consider is the retail price for your game. In the US there are generally three price brackets for board games with boxes, under $20, under $35, and under $50, this price depends on the size of your box.

Where large boxes are sold for around $50, Medium for around $35, and Small boxes for under $20. However, remember that making your box bigger but keeping it empty is counterproductive.

3. Manufacturing Cost:

The third aspect to consider is your manufacturing cost. Like in the target retail price, in manufacturing there are also three sizes to consider. Large, Medium, and Small boxes. Each of these encompassing sizes fit onto a different printing paper.

The sizes of printing papers are 36*37CM, 37*52CM, and 52*76CM. The bigger your box, the better material you need, and the more expensive it will be. The size of the box drastically affects the shipping prices so double-check the size. 

Here, I will outline for you the most common board game boxes according to the paper size they require, so you can make an easier decision. The sizes are according to the most common lists mentioned in board game design lab and Board game geek 

Large Size Boxes

Large size board game boxes are boxes that fit within the size of a 52*76CM (20*29inch) paper and print.

    • (9.5*9.5*3) 24.5*24.5*7cm

    • (12*12*2) 29.6*29.6*5cm

    • (11.6*11.6*2) 29.6*29.6*7cm

    • (12.5*12.5*3) 32*32*7cm

    • (12.5*9.5*2) 32*24*5cm

    • (15.5*12.5) 40*32*7cm

Medium Size Boxes

Medium size board game boxes that fit within the size of a 37*52CM (15*20inch) paper and print.

    • (7.9*7.9*2) 20*20*5cm

    • (9*9*2) 22.6*22.6*5cm

    • (9.5*6.5*2)24.5*16.5*5cm

    • (11*7.5*2)28*19.5*4cm

    • (9.5*9.5*2)24.5*24.5*5cm

Small Size Boxes

Small size board game boxes that fit within the size of a 36*37CM (14*15inch) paper and print.

    • (3*4*1.4) 7.5*10*3.5cm

    • (5.5*4*1.4) 14*10*3.5cm

    • (5.5*5.5*2) 14*14*5cm

    • (7.5*5.5*2) 19*14*5cm

"Board Game Box Materials"

Most board game boxes are made of cardboard. There are some games made with tin and wood, but most indie games are made of cardboard to keep prices low.

Within cardboard there are three categories:

1. Standard B quality.

2.Dense A quality.

3.High Density Double A quality.

In addition, within each of these categories there are different thicknesses (weights) that can be used. Generally speaking,

1. There are the 800-1000gsm boards which are 1.25-1.5mm thick, 2. The 1200gsm which are 1.8-2.1mm thick. 3. The 2000gsm which is 3mm thick and is very durable. 

If your game is heavy and has many components or a large box it will be wiser to use thicker cardboard, or at least a higher grade cardboard, so your board game box doesn’t bend easily, and has a long play life.

No one likes to pick up a board game box and get the feeling that it is flimsy and will break after one or two plays.

Watch the videos below to learn more about the different card board grades and their thickness and how it stands up to pressure and wight of various components.

"Board Game Box Design"

Making just a box is sometimes not enough. At times you want your board game box to stand out just a little more than other games. We call those extra touches “board game box addons” and here they are:

1. UV spot Print:

If you like to have on your board game box a unique pattern half glossy, half matte, or have some bright laser colors coming out, this is perfect for your game.

2. Emboss:

If your box has an area that you would like to concaved and with a gold or silver color, Silver or Gold emboss can be perfect for your needs.

3. Strong Reinforced Corners:

Sometimes when you pick a box of the shelf you feel immediately that it is high quality, sturdy, and that you are in for a treat. These boxes have reinforcements on in their corners to make sure they don’t get smashed as time goes by.

4. Protruding Lip:

Some board game boxes feel like a gift. The top seems to fit seamlessly onto the bottom piece and it just feels like the box was made for you. This is the work of the protruding lip and the additional layer glued under the box.

"Board Game Box Art"

Board game box design is a tricky subject. Ideally, you will want the customer to pick up your game and make a decision to buy it on the spot. This requires the board game box design to

  1. Be attractive and cathing.

  2. Clear enough so customers can understand the essence of the game within it in 1-2 minutes.

  3. Transparent, so customers know what to expect when they open the box. and lastly

  4. Attractive. Yes, we said it before, but we cannot stress it enough.

  5. If you wish to build your own board game brand, then the box should represent a large enough logo and a short slogan that leaves an impression.

In addition, there are some labeling requirements that you should pay attention to, for more on those click here.

It is essential you find the right board game artists for your game. Check here a list of board game artists.

Provide a few details and we'll reach out.

– Hersh (Founder of HeroTime)


Board Game Creators are the pillars of the board game industry. As a board game manufacturer, it is our duty to make sure you have everything you need throughout your journey.


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