Quality Playing Cards

Quality Playing Cards are Never Obsolete

1. History of Playing Cards:

People have been playing card games in some form or another for over 1,000 years. This makes the format one of the most resilient, technology-proof game types ever invented. It is also one of the most adaptable, and can be used for a seemingly infinite variety of different games.

2. Standard Playing Card Deck:

The standard playing card deck is currently the most popular, so many publishers, casinos, and even regular businesses seek to get quality playing cards with their own designs on the backs. These often have one or two unique designs for the faces, as well – typically for the ace of spades and the jokers. 

Since the design requirements are so simple, the main consideration with their production is the quality of both the printing and the card stock. Our Hong Kong printers have no trouble with either, and can easily provide a production run of custom playing cards for you.

3. Cards instead of Dice:

Importance of Playing cards, Cards are also used in many board games in lieu of dice. This allows each draw to provide more options than simple numbers. These cards may be printed with things like instructions or events as well as how far to move a piece around the board. Some of the most popular card board games, such as Sorry!, are controlled by cards like this. Since many other board games have a dice-based control system instead, simply using cards makes the exceptions more memorable and unique.

Not all card games use either the standard deck or a board. These use cards that are unique to them, and when designed properly, are excellent for use when storage space is limited. They’re great for keeping kids busy on road trips.

3. Benefits for Game Publishers:

For game publishers, card board games and unique deck-based games offer several benefits. One is that their designs can be copyrighted since they are entirely unique. This format can also be done in a small package, and eliminates the need to deal with small parts like dice.

4. Importance of Playing cards in Casinos & Tourist Stops:

Casinos and tourist stops, on the other hand, rely on the standard format card deck. For them, quality playing cards don’t just provide a means to play traditional games. They’re also advertisements for their establishments that will be kept as souvenirs.

 5. High Quality Printing Cards:

As a card game manufacturer, we have seen all sorts of variations come through the years. While we can’t guarantee that yours will be the next big hit, we can guarantee high-quality cards for your order. Whether you want customized standard playing cards or you need ones that are totally unique for an entirely different game, we can meet your needs. Fill out the form on our site to discuss your project and get a quote.

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