Board Game Pieces

Types of board game pieces

Generally speaking, there are 4 different types of board game pieces and components you can use in your card and board game. 

  1. Printed Pieces 
  2. Wood pieces 
  3. Plastic pieces and miniatures 
  4. Other Accessories

Printed pieces 

Printed pieces for board games include all components that use paper and cardboard. They have but are not limited to Board game boxes, playing cards, foldable playing boards, individual player boards, board game token sheets, map tiles, rulebooks, and inserts. 

Wood pieces and dice

Many standard wood pieces can be found in many different games. The main ones are cubes, cylinders, meeples, and pawns. However, you can also customize your wood pieces to be almost any shape.  

Learn more about the possibilities and how to make it happen

You can learn more about wood pieces and the different processes related to them in this wood pieces post

Plastic Pieces and Miniatures

Though they are becoming less and less popular, there are still standard plastic pieces used in board games. Like in wood, you have plastic pawns, cubes, monopoly houses, Discs, poker chips, and more. 

The advantage of plastic pieces lies primarily in price. You will learn how they are made, what types you can get, and what process can be added to them. 

Another advantage of plastic is the creation of miniatures. Miniatures are custom 3D figures you can design and make for your game. They are slightly pricy and take a long time to make but are essential in some medium-heavy games. 

Here you will learn about the types of miniatures and how to ensure you don’t design a piece that is too expensive.

Board Game Accessories 

Aside from the previously mentioned board game pieces, you can also find numerous other pieces and components in games. Bags can be a great option to hold some tokens and pieces, sand timers, sound modules, dry erase boards and markers, glass pieces, and more. Learn more about how they are sourced, common pitfalls, and more. 

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