Shipping a Board Games

Shipping and Fulfilling for Board Games

Hero Time offers board game creators shipping and fulfilling services for board games. If you have ran a KS campaign and you need to send your game to multiple locations, we will take care of each game and send it to its destination. Plus, if your customers are from around the world and you need warehousing at a global location that can send games to anywhere across the world for a reasonable price, we are here for you. For only 10$ a month per CBM, we will store handle and ship your merchandise.  

Hero Time has a warehouse in Guangzhou with a dedicated employee that tracks and ships merchandise. You can leave some of your games with us so we can send games to those customers who are too far from your location.

Board Game Shipping Terms

When it comes to shipping, aside from the abstract and unknown terms, there are many uncertainties and questions creators have. To that end, we have compiled some of the terms we think are essential and add some of the questions that were raised by customers. If this page does not answer your question, please let us know and we will answer as fast as we can.


when you finished manufacturing your board games, and you want to send them to your warehouse, who is responsible for shipping? EXW means you are responsible for picking up the games from the factory. FOB means the factory delivers the games to the port and you take care of the shipping. CIF means that HeroTime takes care of everything and you just need to sit down tightly and wait for the game to arrive to the location you specified.

Fulfillment (especially for KS)

Fulfillment is perfect for times when you need to send individual games to multiple customers for example such as the case with KickStarter. Instead of shipping all the games from China to your one location. HeroTime will make sure to send your games directly to the end customers so you do not need to worry about shipping, and you can save up to thousand of dollars on shipping. one of our main partners is VFI Asia

HS code

The WTO categorizes products by codes. These codes are called HS codes. Tabletop games in general are HS code 950490


Full Container Load: meaning your merchandise filled a whole container, and the shipping company charges for an entire container, which is cheaper than when the company charges LCL.



Less than Container Load: meaning that the shipping company will put your merchandise together with other people’s merchandise so to fill up a whole container. If so, you will be charged by CBM, not by Container.



Cubic Meter: meaning 1x1x1m. One cubic meter has in it 1,000,000 Centimeters.

Ship by Air – AKA express, up to seven-day delivery, however, in this case, the shipping company charges by weight and not by CBM. By weight, the cost can go up to 5$ a kilo.


ISF + SEB Custom Bond

to pass merchandise through a custom, you should purchase a bond. You can buy a one-time bond (ISF+SEB) which is 50$ flat fee and another $3 per every $1000. Click here to learn more about bonds



Some companies charge insurance up to 10% of the worth of the order, and others charge 3%. For insurance, the boxes must be a 5 layer corrugated packaging carton.

Frequently asked questions

Can HeroTime help me with shipping?

Yes. Defiantly. HeroTime believes in added service and will do anything in its power to help the customer.

Shall I Ship by air or by sea?

Though shipping by air is much faster (7 days rather than 30) the company charges by weight and the cost can come out up to 5 times higher.

How much is the average weight of a game?

It largely depends on your game and the number of components you have. A game like Amun - Ra or Zaberias is nearly 2kilos, while smaller card games can be 0.6 Kilo. It is best you weigh your game, or ask HeroTime to do it for you.

Are there any new tariffs on game imports?

As of now, No. Even in the USA, where the president increased tariffs on products, he did not raise taxes on HS code 9 and above. Tabletop and board games are HS code 95 and 96.

How to calculate the CBM of my games?

Take your outer box then multiply the length x height x width and that gives you the space of each game box. Then multiply that by the number of games you have, and you get the entire space they take. However, this is not all. Your games need to be packaged, so add another 33% by multiplying your game times 1.33, and that will give you a safe estimate you can follow.

Will any of my games be damaged during shipping?

We strive to not have even one game damaged. However, crossing seas and hands is not an easy task and some damages are inevitable. Expect to have a maximum of 1% of games.

How can I avoid my games being damaged?

One way to avoid a damage is by packing the games on pallets. However, you should take into consideration that pallets add an extra 30% for space and CBM. and cost an extra $25 per pallet.

Do I need a special license to import board games?

As a one time transaction you do not have to have an import license, a one-time bond is enough. All the forwarder needs is your name and address. It is important to keep the invoice and bill of leding HeroTime sends you.

Shall I add anything special on the box?

Yes. You should have that it was made in China and by HeroTime. You can also add the HS or your own code. On each individual game you should have safety for kids icons, the appropriate age of players, and the number of palyers the game is designed for.

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