Safety Testing of Games

If your board game is for kids under the age of 14, it is legally recommended to have a safety test done for it and affix the corresponding mark to the game box. Each country has its own product safety agency and depending on your main market it is better you consider having the right certificates.  

The process for getting a certificate for your specific game is more complicated than just having a supplier with previously existing certificates. There are a total of 5 steps to be taken into consideration. We at HeroTime help with each step of the process to ensure your game is safe for users. 

We already have selected the right and safe suppliers. For each game we ensure the suppliers use certified and safe material. Before mass production we make 3-5 samples to send the testing lab, and then once we are certain the chemical combination, material and physical attributes for your game passed, we start with mass production.


Check our Q&A to learn more.

Official Testing and labeling resources

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