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“Safety Test For Board Games”


1. Safety Regulation Authority:

If your board game is for kids under the age of 14 in Europe and under 6 years of age in the US, it is legally recommended to have a safety test done for it and affix the corresponding mark to the game box. Each country has its own product safety agency and depending on your main market it is better you consider having the right certificates.  

2. Clearance Certificate: 

The process for getting a certificate for your specific game is more complicated than just having a supplier with previously existing certificates. There are a total of 5 steps to be taken into consideration. We at HeroTime help with each step of the process to ensure your game is safe for users. 

3. Safe Manufacturing Material:

We already have selected the right and safe suppliers. For each game we ensure the suppliers use certified and safe material. Before mass production we make 3-5 samples to send the testing lab, and then once we are certain the chemical combination, material and physical attributes for your game passed, we start with mass production.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Hero Time works with 2 testing labs: SGS and CTT. SGS is an internationally recognized testing lab with headquarters in Switzerland. CTT is a Chinese based lab especially for toys. If you want a certificate from a top lab and are willing to pay nearly double for testing SGS is the right choice for you. However, if you simply want to know your game is safe and get a passing certificate, CTT is the better choice.

It largely depends on the game. For the physical dimension test, each component needs to be tested. For flammability and chemical composition test each material and color needs to be tested seperatly. Wood tokens to that end need to be tested inidividually per color. Cards will only need to be tested once as they are all made with the same color.

Cost for Testing:

Physical dimensions test cost about 50USD
Flammability 30USD
Chemical composition 90USD
The price depends on which lab you choose. Ask us for a quote.

No. Many of the tests just repeat themselved throughout the countries, so while doing a CE testing for your board game, the testing for the Australian Canadian or some of the American can also be covered. Hence you can also affic marks belonging to other countries as well.

It depends on the lab you choose to work with, but generally it takes up to 7 working days. Please also take into consideration another 10 days for making the samples.

Unlike other companies, at Hero Time we provide you with a certificate under your own brand name, so you can be fully protected. It is not enough to know the manufacturer has a certificate, after all you will be the importer of the goods.

Communication is of the utmost importance to us. Feel free to WhatsApp us at +86 132 6309 5321, or send us a message on Facebook or any other platform. In addition you can go to the contact us page and simply type your question

Official Safety Testing for games and labeling