Working With Hero Time

Working with Hero Time

Working with Hero Time

Before you start working on your project and choose a partner/supplier, you should first check How we work, and what we can do for you.

Download here an infographic of “How to work with Hero Time” and “What Does Hero Time Do”

    Initial quotation and support

    When you have a great idea for a board game, Hero Time is here to help you every step of the way. During the quotation phase, our customers can receive Creator Assistance while choosing the best materials to meet their game needs while also sticking to a budget.

    Once an initial quote is agreed upon, we will move your game forward to the Artwork Process. Art requirements can be technical at times making them difficult to understand and potentially causing delays in game development. Hero Time’s Designer Assistant can ease this process and ensure your art is ready for pre-production.


    Now that the creative process is complete, Hero Time will manufacture a sample of your board game with the completed pieces and art. At this stage of development, this Sample Production can be viewed in video form for client approval OR we can send a direct copy to your home/business address for inspection, testing, and approval.


    Hero Time will then discuss with you Time Frames after you feel your game is ready for mass production. Initially, the first three steps (Quotation, Art, and Pre-production Sample) could take an estimated 60-90 days depending on the complexity of your board game. Hero Time will do its very best to provide approximate manufacturing and shipping times so that your game is table ready and on shelves as soon as possible.


    After manufacturing is complete, Hero Time’s Shipping and Fulfilment options allow delivery of your game direct to backers or to warehouse storage. Our pricing agents will help find the best option for your budget and time frame.


    Making your own board game can seem like a daunting task, but with the help of Hero Time we will walk you step-by-step to make your dream a reality!

    From beginning to end, Hero Time will set clear expectations so that our customers know what the future holds throughout their game’s development.

    Payment Policy

    Our Payment Policy is simple: The Sample Stage requires payment for any incurred costs during sample development; 50% of the game production fee is due as a deposit before manufacturing begins; the final balance along with shipping costs are due prior to shipments.

    You can also learn our terms and conditions that explain in depth the nuts and bolts or the manufacturing agreement as well as the limitations

    Other Tools
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    Working With Hero Time

    After you finished making your art and you are ready to work with Hero Time, here is a short summary of how we will cooperate to make sure your game comes out perfect

    The Guide For Design & Publishing

    In this guide we provide you a step by step check list for your game design and publication make sure you follow these steps for best results

    Artwork Setup Guide

    Artwork and design is the foundation of every board game. Make sure you work on your files correctly from the start, so you don’t end up with print issues.

    Hero Time Creator Assistance

    Check Shipping and Fulfillment Prices

    Contact Us

    Hero Time is here to help in any way it can. Please let us know what can we do for you.

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