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How to Kickstart a Board game?

So you have an idea for a board game, and you decided to fund it through board game Kickstarer. Now you need to know how to kickstart a board game. It is not an easy task and requires a lot of work. You need to gain followers and subscribers, update them constantly, and eventually when you are ready for your launch, you need to convert them into backers. We at Hero Time want to help you with your venture and so we have brought to you a list of board game industry leaders who will be willing to help you. 

Feel free to contact them personally and speak to them. Please prepare as much details about your project as you can prior to talking with them so they can help you achieve your target.

Mention Hero Time when you contact them to get a free half an hour consultancy and overview.

“KickStarter Consultants”

Garet Pic


Founder of board game design lab community, & author of “Board Game Kickstarter Advice”

Worked on projects such as:

  • Legacies – a light and fun strategy game.
  • PlunderBund – Deck building, worker placement, and strategy area control 
  • Pedigree – The animal breeding board game.

Gabe uses the first session to set milestones for the project. As the creator progresses through the campaign Gabe provides one hour support call to advise on a course of action to reach the milestones, ensuring the project will be fully funded. 

Average No. of hours: 5        Hourly fee: 75$

Contact at:  


Worked on projects such as:

Endless Winter – a worker placement and deck-building game set up in the Ice Age.

Reckless Sloths – A fun card game about saving sloths from dangers. 

Nalin is a professional Board Game KickStarter marketer who worked on numerous projects. She will take you one step at a time and provide you detailed advice about everything you will need to do. From creating a landing page, getting an email list, increasing traffic conversion and all the way to getting fully funded. 

Average No. of hours: Support throughout the project.     

Project fee: Mention Hero Time and get each session for only 75USD. 

Contact at: 


Get her book at:

Dina Ramse

Dina Ramse

Worked for 15 years as a play tester and community manager.

Worked on projects such as:

Dina brings the skills she has learned from being a social media and community manager to the table. She provides one hour support call to advise on how to best use platforms and how to gain better reach and visibility for your project. Once a week she will monitor accounts and progress, and give advise.

Average No. of hours: Minimum an hour a week      Hourly Fee: 20$ an hour.

Contact at:  



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