How To Turn Your Board Game Into An App

Turning your board game into an app is a significant next step for your board game. A mobile app-based board game is a great way to introduce new players and give current players a new way to experience your board game! Apps are versatile.

It's important to note that developing an app takes a long time and will require patience, but you probably have that skill if you have taken the time to create your own board game. In this seven-part board game series, it takes seven hours for an experienced game designer. There are a lot of technical elements to creating an app, but it is very doable! Board games are more fun when you can touch them and play with close friends, but there are advantages to an app version of your board game.

It will undoubtedly help to have coding experience or knowledge of mobile app development.

Benefits of a Virtual Version

An app version of a board game offers many features that a physical version cannot. Adding a computer simulation allows you to play the game anytime you want, no friends needed! You can also take the board game with you wherever you want, ending the need for flat surface, board set up, and the worry of losing pieces as you travel. App-based board games are also great ways to test new rules, figure out balancing, and run simulations to enhance your board game.

Keep It Simple

If this is your first foray to create an app or translate your board game to an app, try to keep elements as simple as possible. You could spend hours upon hours creating the perfect dice rolling animation when a simple random number generator will do the same work in a fraction of the time. The process can be as straightforward or as complicated as you'd prefer. Picking the aspects, you desire before starting can help you focus energy into essential areas.

Replicate Physical Aspects of Your Game

The first thing you need to do is import the look of your game. You want to create the same feel of your board game or create added visuals not possible with physical elements. You will also have to define the separate spaces of your board. You can design your game to 2D or 3D depending on the desired aesthetic. A token will undoubtedly be easier to recreate than a minifigure, but you can learn the skills to make professional-looking games at a top web design bootcamp. You don't need to be a digital artist to create a functioning game, but it will help create a beautiful looking game.

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