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The payment structure for the board game is briefly defined step-by-step. It is acceptable in the manufacturing industry to have three payment installations throughout the manufacturing process. The method for payment is set to provide maximum facilitation to our valued customers.


Hero Time now offers a special package of up to 5 sample games, for around 60% of the cost of a stand-alone sample. In short,

Method For Payment approximate cost:

  1. A single copy of a game that is identical to the final game, costs between $150-$400.
  2. Five copies with some minor variants will cost 80-200$ a game.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. If I pay the first deposit, do I still need to pay for the sample?

No, if you pay the deposit, the sample is free of charge

2. If I got a sample once and I am not satisfied with it? Can I get a new sample?

Yes. Once you pay for a sample, you can get up to three sample runs

3. How can I be sure the game will come out as I want it?

Hero Time will record the production of your game, and will send you constant updates about it. Though digital content is not 100% the same as an actual game held in your hand, errors can still be spotted, and you can feel safe with your game.

4. If during production I found that the factory made a mistake. What then?

Though it rarely happens, if it did happen, let your correspondent in Hero Time know and they will make sure the factory re-does the job, free of charge

5. Will the factories ever deviate from the agreed timeline?

In some cases where Hero Time will approve the delay. For example, if it is raining hard, Because, it is better not to transport or cut the board games as the air is very damp and can ruin the boards. in that and other similar cases Hero Time will recommend changing the deadline

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