What To Look for When Manufacturing The Board Game

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What to look for when Manufacturing a Board Game?

1. Manufacturing in China:

Manufacturing a game is one of those make it or break it moments for a game inventor. If anything goes bad in this point, there is no turning back, the money has already been invested. Even worse is the fact that most games are manufactured in China, and you have no way to supervise the factory directly, nor do you have the knowledge and expertise of how to deal with Chinese factories let alone communicate with them in their native language (which is the language they understand). Hero Time has ultimate solution for this.


2. Language Barrier:

 I had a case where a factory was saying one thing and tried doing totally the opposite. Manufacturing Complexities is a common thing in China, if they do not understand, or if they can’t do something they will not tell you to your face but will just carry you along until you have no choice but to work with them. This is their strategy and culture. In addition, maybe the sales person understands what you are saying but he or she has no control over the manufacturing.


3. Complexities of Manufacturing in China:

 In that case, the manufacturing department mostly doesn’t listen at all and just does whatever. That is why having a manufacturing liaison in China is crucial, and not only any manufacturing liaison but one that specializes in games. For example, the following details are details that only game manufacturing liaison will pay attention to, while others will not even think about it.


4. Types of Glue: 

Did you know that there are several types of glue to use when making a cardboard piece and that most glue needs at least a week to dry up (especially in a humid and tropical weather like the one in China?


5. Outdated Machinery by other Manufacturers:

Also, many factories will reuse color in their printing machines, colors that have already been sitting outside for a while. In addition, the cutting engineers need to be check their mold over and over again, to make sure it is perfect, otherwise punching out the pieces will turn into a nightmare. If you have a complex cutting pattern beware there are many factories with outdates machinery and dull knives that will not properly cut the boards.


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