Board Game Creators are the pillars of the board game industry. As a board game manufacturer, it is our duty to make sure you have everything you need throughout your journey.


    Payment structure FAQ’S

    The payment structure for the board game is briefly defined step-by-step. It is acceptable in the manufacturing industry to have three payment installations throughout the manufacturing process. The method for payment is set to provide maximum facilitation to our valued customers. HERO TIME OFFER: Hero Time now offers a special package of...

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    Safety Test FAQ’S For Board Games

    We already have selected the right and safe suppliers. For each game, we ensure the suppliers use certified and safe material. Before mass production we make 3-5 samples to send to the testing lab, and then once we are certain the chemical combination, material and physical attributes for your game...

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    10 Popular Strategies for Board Games

    The board games mostly rely on tactics. Most of the games however have at least some sort of strategies required for playing best at your end. The strategies are the chosen paths that lead you to the further path of the game and help you to choose the maximum output...

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    Shipping Board Games FAQ’S

    Hero Time offers board game creators shipping and fulfilling services for board games. If you have ran a KS campaign and you need to send your game to multiple locations, we will take care of each game and send it to its destination.   About Shipping Games: Plus, if your customers are from around the world and...

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    Wooden Game Pieces

    Wooden Game Pieces The Wooden game pieces are a massive part of board games, and they come in a few standard shapes and with a multitude of custom shapes. Almost every mid-weight indie board game uses wood pieces in their games as tokens, resources, buildings, etc. Wood pieces are the best...

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    How Much Do Miniatures Cost?

    How much do miniatures cost? Miniatures cost estimation is the main question that many game developers and creators ask me. how much does it cost to produce miniatures for board games. When I ask them for CAD files or STL they answer that they are working on it and they...

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    Board Game Manufacturing Steps

    Board game manufacturing steps: Board game manufacturing steps are defined in this blog post. If you are a new game creator that is ready for production, or if you Kickstarted your project and you wonder how to move forward. This article is for you. During my work, I either receive emails...

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    CE Mark/Certificate For Board Games

    CE Mark/Certificate for Board Games. Contact us What is the CE mark for? Certification for board game, The CE mark is a symbol affixed to the package of product to recognize which product confirms to the standards set forth by the European Council for toy safety. The product safety directive...

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    Making a Board Game

    “Making a Board Game” 1. Whether you’re Eric Lang or Rob Daviau, one thing is sure – Making a board game is a process in which you edit and alter your prototype, intending to refine it. This refinement process is called game development.   2. It includes everything from base...

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    Playing Card Finishes

    Playing Card Finishes All printed components should have a finish on them especially playing cards finishes. Without a finish, the ink will smudge away, and the printed components will very sticky. However, many creators do not know which is the best and most suitable playing card finishes for their game....

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    Paper tiles for board games

    Board Game Board

    Boards for Board Games Many board games, and sometimes even card games, use a playing board in their game. The board is used as the game map, a point tracker, a game layout, and more. Some games prefer having a dynamic/versatile game board (usually adventure/RPG), and for that, they use...

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    Board Game Tokens

    Board Games Tiles / Chits Board game Chits and board game tiles are a widely used component in various board games. As, board game chits and tiles are made out of cardboard and are divided into two. The larger cardboard pieces are used more as map tiles for board games,...

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    Playing Cards For Board Games

    Playing Cards for Board Games Playing Cards for Board Games are probably the main part of every board game and card game. Cards are the parts that are held the most touched the most and hence are most prone to damage. In addition, cards come in a variety of sizes and options and...

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    Boxes for Board Games

    There are four types of boxes for board games ​ 1. Two-Piece Box Is used for a game that has multiple decks of cards and then some extra components. It is relatively easy to make and is the most widely used form of board game box. The bigger the box...

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    Board Game Pieces

    Board Game Pieces Tabletop game pieces for your game is quite a difficult task, especially as the terms used are so abstract and don’t really resonate well. However, getting the right pieces is essential for a successful game. Though some creators will go for an average ok effect, others will...

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