Hero Time is a board game manufacturer in China that offers creators and publishers manufacturing and other board games services.

Hero Time is the first foreign-owned factory in China to exclusively deal with the manufacturing of board games and card games. It aims to offer Chinese prices with fantastic service standards.

Hero Time is more than just a board game manufacturer; it provides a complete ecosystem for board game creators so they can find all the possible services in one location and provide help and guidance every step of the way.

HeroTime is a new company established

to help you

Manufacture your board game safely & successfully

How to Manufacture Your

Board Game with HeroTime

We realize that sometimes talking to a board game manufacturer can be intimidating and puzzling to some creators. Hence, we have laid out five simple steps to ensure the manufacturing process will be as smooth as possible and that you feel well informed and involved in the process.  


Step 1

Learn about Board Game Components

Planning Mass

Step 2

BETA Version Calculator

Make Sample

Step 3

Get a digital or offset proof sample of your game.


Step 4

Mass produce your game while Receiving updates throughout the process


Step 5

Ship and Fulfill your game with us. Check with us the best way to ship your board games

More than Just a Board Game Manufacturer

Hero Time was established having board game creators in mind. Aside from needing a board game manufacturer, creators need help managing the complex project of making a board game and then selling it to a broader audience. While some publishers do their own artwork, test their game, decide on the best components, get reviewers and eventually sell their board game, smaller board game creators need more help every step of the way.


To that end, Hero Time has consolidated the various tasks of making a board game all into one ecosystem. Now, even the smallest creators have accurate, standardized knowledge of board game pieces and can access the best services and people in the industry, all at a very affordable cost.


Hero Time welcomes both large board game publishers who feel like they need to improve on their operations and small board game creators who need to set everything up from the ground up.


Though each board game is unique there are some common components. We have worked to standardized the process and information, so you know which components to best choose in your game.

Making a board game from scratch is a very complex project, and a lot of game creators give up midway. To help game creators, we have compiled all the services needed in one location. Working with Hero Time will allow you to scale up and work like a large publisher.

Getting funded on Kickstarter, or selling your game through retailers can be very challenging for new game creators. You need reviewers, video producers, content writers, and more. Check what we offer here.

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