High Quality Printing Games

Printing Games Takes More than Creating Large Labels

High quality printing games increase the popularity of the game. When we look at a printed game board, we surely notice the printed part is typically adhered to some sort of cardboard backing.  However, It doesn’t mean that your local printer is going to able to produce these “stickers.” Instead, the demands of printing games are usually too much for corner shops.

1. Obstacles in Printing:

The first difficulty in printing games is the need for highly vibrant colors and intricate detail. Most print shops aren’t ready to produce that “wow” factor. Secondly, board games use special backings, not standard card stock. Finally, the printed label needs to stuck down to the backing well enough to never come off.

2. Hero Time High Quality Printing Games:

A mass-produced game is not printed in the same way as print and play game. One of the differences in the Printing method used. While print and play games are printed through digital printer which use a toner moving along the page, offset printers use plates that stamp the page with desired color and design. Generally there are four metal plates, one for each of the four CMYK colors. 

3. Marvelous Printing Machines:

Each metal Plate is engraved with the design of one color alone. Because, Through the Printing, the page moves under the four plates, and each on of them stamps the page with its designated color. Four colors are enough to make a complete picture. But, During this stage HERO TIME must ensure that the shades and color mixes used on the plates stay consistent, so to avoid a print that comes out faded or inconsistent.

A specialist in printing games is needed to meet all of these requirements. Contact our Hong Kong company for the services that are needed to produce your game the right way.