Custom Chess Sets

Is There a Market for Custom Chess Sets?

Every board game needs a variety of accessories in order to be played. The form, type, and quality level of these items will significantly affect the playing experience. Therefore, as a game designer, you need to give this aspect careful consideration before finalizing your design.

1. Color Coding Vs. Distinctive Shapes:

Board game pieces are usually the first accessories to come to mind. Each piece needs to be different enough from the others for players to easily see which ones are whose. For many games, color coding is enough to make them different.

A) Custom Chess Sets:

Custom chess sets are also used by some game players. However, a few games are famous for using highly distinctive shapes for this purpose. If you want your game to have a memorable look and feel, going with the “shapes” option is an easy way to get closer to this ideal, though it is a bit more costly than just using differently-colored pieces of plastic.

2. Custom chess sets in hand feel:

Another important aspect of board game pieces is how they feel in the hand. Here, shape is important, even if they all have the same one. A piece should be shaped so that it is easy to grab and keep hold of during play, and large enough that high dexterity is not needed.

3. Custom Board Game Pieces Vs. Dice:

Board game accessories don’t stop with the pieces. Dice are commonly added to games so players know how far to move on each turn. For some tabletop games, dice serve a far more extensive purpose, such as determining the strength of an attack or the effectiveness of defense. Because of this, you should be sure to get the highest possible quality of dice. That alone will set your game above many others.

4. Board Game Boxes:

Other popular board game accessories include dice shakers, trays for holding game money, and similar items. All of these should be carefully chosen to work well with the other accessories in the box, and to fit nicely back into the box itself once play for the day is complete.

5. Other Board Game Accessories:

For some games, board game supplies go beyond these standards. If your game uses some sort of play money, you’ll need to include a pack of it with each set. You may also need a minute timer, which is typically provided in hourglass format, scorekeeping sheets, small pencils, and more.

6. Hero Time No.1 Board Game Manufacturer:

Here at Hero Time in Hong Kong, we can source all of the board game supplies that your design requires. We will then assemble them into completed game sets and ship them to you. That way, you’re saved from having to spend your time contacting individual suppliers and doing the assembly. You simply receive the order and go on to distribute it to your retailers or end customers.