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Board Game Creators are the pillars of the board game industry. As a board game manufacturer, we want to ensure you have everything you need throughout your journey.

Board Game Reviewers

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Board Game Reviewers

1. List of Board Game Reviewers:

This list of board game reviewers was specially made so that viewers can filter through the different columns and copy-paste fields directly to the web browser for easy navigating.

You can scroll up and down the table, and sideways to find other fields. In addition, you can activate the filter option, to organize the list according to your needs, and download it as is. Don’t forget with your help this list will keep updating.

As our Facebook friends recommended we added some new fields for reference. If you have any further ideas that you think can help our board game community, please message us on our Facebook page at Message HeroTime.NOTICE: Reviewers have requested to please not spam with emails, or else they will want to take down the list. Instead, choose reviewers that seem most appropriate for your game and contact them.

*If, for any reason, you would like us to remove your name from the list, please let us know.

2. Add a Board Game Reviewers Contact Info:

The List of board game reviewers is down below. If you know of any board game reviewer or you are a reviewer yourself, But please help our board game community by adding details to the form below. There are 13 fields in this form, fill up whichever field is relevant to you.

The board Game community thanks you for your help.
Note: Due to the embeds on this page, it works best on a computer.


3. How can Board Game Reviewers help?

After you are done with your board game manufacturing, it is crucial you let the world know your game is in the market. To help you with your next step, Because, Hero Time has compiled a list of board game reviewers whom you can contact and introduce your game. and Board Game Reviewers are an excellent tool for marketing and can increase the awareness for your game by a tenfold.

If you get a lot of good reviews and your Board Game Geek game profile shows it your chances of a publishers picking your game up or that your game gets into stores increases. But, Feel free to use this list to help you with your next step. HeroTime wishes you a lot of good luck in your venture.

If you are a board game reviewer or you know a board game reviewer, And please insert the details in the form below to help your fellow board game lovers. additional lists can be found also at StoneMaier Games and at BoardGame Geek.

P.S. If you are pre-KS and want to get reviewers for your KS, HeroTime is currently building a new supply chain for small quantity manufacturing, so you can get enough game samples for playtesting and reviews. If this something you are interested in please message us on Facebook at Message HeroTime


Board Game Creators are the pillars of the board game industry. As a board game manufacturer, it is our duty to make sure you have everything you need throughout your journey.


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