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The Essentials of Board Game Pieces

Chess set, Despite the cries of elitists, the Staunton-style chess set is not the only one left in the world. In fact, many people buy highly unique sets, both for display and actual play. The trick to selling these custom chess board is to understand the market.

Staunton Set:

This style of set was first made available by Jaques of London in 1849, and they are quickly became the standard. The design is successful because of its well-balanced and easily recognized pieces. It is currently the official standards for tournament chess pieces. A truly serious chess player will always play with a Staunton set because this is the type required by competitions. If there is a vote taken that what kind of pieces they most liked while playing, They surely go with the Staunton chess pieces. Because these pieces are used in all major championships around the world. Wooden chess set are often create on a lathe, and then other non-curricular details are added by hand. Similarly Knight are knights are also made in two parts. which is head and base. Therefore, it’s smart to practice with this type so that all of the pieces are highly familiar. However, these chess players also tend to collect other types of sets for use as display items. In fact, many serious chess players are also highly into set collecting. To reach this market, custom chess board must be of very high quality. They are going to go on display, so they must have looks worthy of this purpose.