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Hero Time is a board game manufacturer in China that offers creators and publishers manufacturing and other board games services.

This General Blog Category has multiple articles related to Board Games Manufacturing. Each and every step of the manufacturing process is defined with details.

Payment structure FAQ’S

The payment structure for the board game is briefly defined step-by-step. It is acceptable in the manufacturing industry to have three payment installations throughout the manufacturing process. The method for payment is set to provide maximum facilitation to our valued customers. HERO TIME OFFER: Hero Time now offers a special package of up to 5 sample games, […]

Safety Test FAQ’S For Board Games

We already have selected the right and safe suppliers. For each game, we ensure the suppliers use certified and safe material. Before mass production we make 3-5 samples to send to the testing lab, and then once we are certain the chemical combination, material and physical attributes for your game passed, we start with mass […]

10 Popular Strategies for Board Games

The board games mostly rely on tactics. Most of the games however have at least some sort of strategies required for playing best at your end. The strategies are the chosen paths that lead you to the further path of the game and help you to choose the maximum output for that game. Most of […]

Shipping Board Games FAQ’S

Hero Time offers board game creators shipping and fulfilling services for board games. If you have ran a KS campaign and you need to send your game to multiple locations, we will take care of each game and send it to its destination.   About Shipping Games: Plus, if your customers are from around the world and you need warehousing at a global location that can […]

CE Mark/Certificate For Board Games

CE Mark/Certificate for Board Games. What is the CE mark for? Certification for board game, The CE mark is a symbol affixed to the package of product to recognize which product confirms to the standards set forth by the European Council for toy safety. The product safety directive applies to all products manufactured in Europe […]

Getting a US Safety Test for Your Board Game(CPSC)

Getting a US Safety Test for Your Board Game (CPSC) What is the CPSC protocol? Unlike the CE which has been around since the late 1980’s , in the USA a federal standard took longer to legislate. Only in 2008 did the federal government mandated that products for Children need to conform to CPSIA standards. […]


HOW TO HIRE ARTISTS 101 Guideline for Hire an Artist: Hero Time always try its best to provide maximum guidelines to its customers. That’s why I’ve put together this (hopefully) comprehensive but simple guideline on how to hire an artist for your board game (or similar) project. For all of you that are developing a game […]