Board Game Pieces

Choosing board game pieces for your game is quite a difficult task, especially as the terms used are so abstract and don't really resonate well. However, getting the right board game pieces is essential for a successful game. Though some creators will go for an average ok effect, others will want the board game components and accessories to jump out and get attention.

To help you get a better idea as to the materials you are choosing for your game, here is a compilations of most of the possible components and accessories used in games. We will keep updating some cool new board game pieces ideas as we go along and innovate.

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Custom Board Game Pieces

Types of board game boxes

Board Game Box

There are four types of board game boxes to use in your game. 

  1. The conventional Two Piece Box

  2. The light Tuck box

  3. Draw out box

  4. and Flip box

Two Piece Box is used for a game that has multiple decks of cards and then some extra components. It is relatively easy to make and is the most widely used form of board game box. The bigger the box though, the thicker it needs to be. 

The Tuck Box is used for games that have a single deck of cards and maybe a rule booklet. It is light and cheap, made from the same material as the cards themselves. The tuck box is limited to 3CM (1.2") width, as it is relatively thin. 

Draw out box is a hybrid of the Two Piece Box and the Tuck Box. Usually the bottom layer that holds all the components will be made of cardboard, and the cover layer will be of 400gsm paper. It is perfect for young kids as it gives them easy access to the pieces. 

Flip Box is a box used to leave a strong impression on the buyer. The magnet mechanism and the fact that the top is attached gives it a premium feel. Also, A flip box is stronger than a two piece box as it has an additional support layer. 

Board Game Box Addons

Making just a box is sometimes not enough. At times you want your board game box to stand out just a little more than other games. We call those extra touches "board game box addons" and here they are:

UV spot Print - If you like to have on your board game box a unique pattern half glossy, half matte, or have some bright laser colors coming out, this is perfect for your game. 


Emboss - if your box has an area that you would like to be concaved and with a gold or silver color, Silver or Gold emboss can be perfect for your needs. 


Strong Reinforced Corners - Sometimes when you pick a box of the shelf you feel immediately that it is high quality, sturdy, and that you are in for a treat. These boxes have reinforcements on in their corners to make sure they don't get smashed as time goes by. 

Protruding Lip - Some board game boxes feel like a gift. The top seems to fit seamlessly onto the bottom piece and it just feels like the box was made for you. This is the work of the protruding lip and the additional layer glued under the box

Types of Paper

blue core paper
black core paper
the core of the inside is black
white core paper
The inner side of the paper is white core
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Lamination & Finish

linen finish
matter finish box
matte finish card
glossy finish box
glossy finish card
foil lamination
foil print on card
rather than printing on paper, they print on foil
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Cardboard Construction

open edge
fold reinforcment
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Linen Finish on Cards

Linen finish on cards is done by a press machine with steel plates that have a certain pattern. The paper goes through the machine and is pressed to get the same surface pattern. 

Linen finish on cards is used when you either want your cards to shuffle more easily or alternatively have an attractive looking surface.


However, Linen finish on any paper make the paper thinner, so, we recommend to first use at least a 350gsm card stock, and second to lower the press pressure of the linen finish so it doesn't damage your card. 

Linen finish is a process that is done independently of the other surface materials so it can be used on any surface. Whether you have lamination, oil varnish, or aqua based finish to your cards, the linen finish can be done. 


The price for linen finish is about 0.15USD per sheet of paper. 

Wooden Board Game Pieces

flat cylinders
unique shapes
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28mm standard
hand painted
safe for kids
metal pieces
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Pictures of Dice

Metal Dice
single color
wood dice
brass-zink alloy
glowing dice
transparent dice
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Board Game Inserts

white PVC
Transparent PVC
paper card insert
foam insert
black PVC
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