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Why we made this stimulation tools...

  • We know from personal experience that one of the biggest headaches for game designers is understanding the rough costs of different components in game production.
  • We’ve created our component pricing simulator to make it easy for you to research your components and materials AND calculate your total component costs.
  • Our simulator is based on ballpark average industry prices so you can build your ‘worst case’ production cost scenario. You can use our simulator as often as you wish to refine your components and materials list.
  • Once you have your final list you can send it to us and we‘ll give you the best price possible based on your component and fulfillment needs.

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Get started now by following these steps:



Within each category, you’ll find a range of sizes, materials and add-ons. In many cases, we have included links to specific materials. We recommend you explore all of these to become familiar with the options available and the pros/cons of each.


Add To Quote

Use the “Add to Quote” button to build and save your components list. If you’re not sure which option to choose, we recommend you add both items because you can refine it later.



When you have finished adding items to your QUOTE, click on the ”View Quote” button. This will take you to your “Quote” list where you can see all the items, dimensions and costs. You can delete items from the list or return to the simulator to add new ones


Mail Quotation

When you are ready to finish your session, click on the  “Mail to Myself”  or “Download Now” button. This will direct your "quote" to your Inbox, where you can save and reference it later. "Note": once you send the quote it will not be saved in the system for later updates



When you are ready to publish your game, you can book a call with one of our component specialists and review your list in detail to make sure you’ve covered everything. Then we’ll give you the best possible price that includes your components and fulfilment requirements

Provide a few details and we'll reach out.

– Hersh (Founder of HeroTime)


Board Game Creators are the pillars of the board game industry. As a board game manufacturer, it is our duty to make sure you have everything you need throughout your journey.


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