Board Game Manufacturing Steps


Board game manufacturing steps:

Board game manufacturing steps are defined in this blog post. If you are a new game creator that is ready for production, or if you Kickstarted your project and you wonder how to move forward. This article is for you.

During my work, I either receive emails asking me for the procedure of production, payment, and shipping; or I very fast realize that the customer (aka the game creator) I am dealing with had no one to explain to him how it all goes.

So, I hope I can answer these questions shortly in a couple of short paragraphs.

Specification sheet before order:

First, regarding the production process, it is crucial that the game creator provides a precise specification sheet of the game. In that spec sheet, he should list all the different components the game has, down to the smallest accessory. He doesn’t have to know the construction of each piece – we will help with that and provide some advice – but he needs to know all the components of his game. For a Price quote template check our home page and scroll to the bottom of the page to find it.

Quotation for production:

After receiving the specification sheet, the customer will get a price quote for each game. He might not get an immediate reply, and it can take up to several days. Most games have multiple components and are not made in one factory alone. For example, dice are not manufactured in the same factory as they print the box and card, nor do plastic tokens or wood pawns made with metal components.

Followed by the price quote, the game creator decides if to continue with the provider. If yes, then they start working on a sample game. In this sample game, the manufacturing liaison provides the customer with an exact copy of his game (if the customer wants to check some alternatives the manufacturing liaison will add different types of cards, accessories, etc.).

Sample Production for approval:

Once the game creator receives the sample and approves the product, then mass production starts. It is the job of the manufacturing liaison to supervise and coordinate all the different factories to ensure top quality. It will be a shame if, after so much hard work making a game and developing a unique mechanism, it falters, such as a paper pin to indicate a particular attribute (e.g. betrayal at the house on the hill) and the pin comes out loose and falls off easily.

Payment Schedule:

As for payment, it is accustomed in the industry that there are three installments: One before the sample, usually around 300$ dollars (it is refunded after manufacturing). Second, a down payment before mass production, around 40% of the order. And Third, after the manufacturing and before the shipping, the full value. Regarding the second and third installments, it differs between customers; obviously, if a large reputable game publisher puts an order, the down payment will be smaller than if a private person who is yet unknown puts an order.

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