Board Game Manufacturers

Do You Need a Board Game Maker?

Board Game Manufacturers have complex production process. If you have devised a board game that you’re sure will sell. Your next logical step is to find a board game maker to turn it into a reality. These games are still surprisingly popular even in the age of electronic gaming.

So it’s worth it to go ahead and get some produced! That said, you will likely find that board game manufacturers in the United States want a lot of money even if you only need to start with a few copies of your game. They are also likely to demand a production run that is quite large for a new company.

1. Board Game Manufacturing by Hero Time:

Fortunately, there is a way to avoid these initial problems. You can do the same thing that even giant toy and game companies do, and have your game produced overseas. Tabletop game manufacturers in China offer great prices, and if you deal with the good ones, high quality as well.

Even better, some cater to those who need fewer sets of their games! This makes it much easier for you to get started in the board game publishing business and to then grow that business to a profitable status.


2. Hero Time Ultimate Solution:

Here at Hero Time in Hong Kong, we are just minutes away from some of the largest board game manufacturers in the area. This lets us keep close tabs on all parts of the production process, from the forming of your game pieces to the printing of your instruction booklets.

It also allows us to handle all types of physical game making, whether your product uses cards, boards, dice, miniature figures, or any other such element. Finally, we are close enough to the manufacturers to quickly communicate with them and speed up the production process.


3. Achieved Mile-Stones:

As a sizable board game maker, we have printed over 300,000 games for over 30 publishers. This includes the boards themselves, as well as pieces made of various materials. That’s right – you’re not limited to plastic when you deal with us. If you want a retro wooden set, that’s no problem for us.

We partner with enough different tabletop game manufacturers that we can always find a factory that can work with your materials of choice.


4. Welcome Creativity:

If you have devised a new tabletop or board game, there’s no longer any need to worry about how you’ll get it produced. Contact us here at Hero Time in Hong Kong by filling out the form on our site.

We’ll discuss your needs with you and provide you with a quote that we’re sure you’ll find to be quite reasonable. You can also rest assured that you can obtain the quality you’re seeking for your new game.