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Where Can You Get Board Game Components Produced?

Board game factory, If you want to produce a board game, you may be surprised to find that there are actually multiple services involved.

But, This could involve dealing with a variety of factories on your own if you decide to contract everything yourself, and that could be a huge hassle that takes a prolonged amount of time.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a unified board game factory to handle everything for you?

“Hero Time Ultimate solution”

Fortunately, there is indeed a board game factory like this. Our factory, Hero Time, deals with all of the underlying suppliers involved in producing a board game. Then, we assemble everything at our facilities and ship the completed games to you.

This makes it easy for you to start actually selling your game instead of worrying about finding a supplier for every different component. Sometimes, you may decide that you only need some board game components produced for you. We can handle those jobs, too. Because, We deal with manufacturers of pieces made of wood, plastic, or other materials.

“Custom Board Game Components”

Our partners can also handle printing instruction books or graphics, making plain boards, or fabricating components like trays. This makes it easy for you to source one or a few part types if you choose to do the assembly yourself.

While we can handle your needs for separate board game components, we recommend that you choose our full production and assembly service. This way, you don’t have to deal with finding labor, sourcing everything separately, or doing the assembly.

Instead, you simply take delivery of your completed game sets and get to the fun part – distributing them to your retailers or selling them directly to end customers. To get a quote, just fill out the form on our site today.