Board Game Artists for Hire

Hero Time works to transform the way board games are made, it provides game creators with low manufacturing costs, great service, abundant resources, and more.

to connect artists with board game creators and give an opportunity for both, Hero Time has embedded a list of board game artists and a form for artist to add their contact information.

Note: Due to the embeds on this page, it works best on a computer.

It is usually quite difficult to find a suitable board game artist especially when all the information is dispersed all over the web. Hero Time provides a one stop solution for you.

  1. Visit 

  2. Wait for the table of board game artists to load up

  3. Scroll up and down, right and left on the table to see the various details of each artist

  4. Visit the artists’ links 

  5. Choose an artist of your liking 

  6. Send him/her a message and start cooperating

NOTICE: Please Do not spam the artists. Instead, choose artists that seem most appropriate for your game and contact them.

If you have any recommendations please feel free to contact us here, or  Message HeroTime on Facebook

*If, for any reason, you would like us to remove your name from the list, please let us know.

Add a Board Game Designer's Contact Info

IF you are a board game artist, whether new or experienced, cheap or expensive, there are many board game creators who need to hire your services. This web page was  developed to help board game creators and artists connect and find each other. 

Please feel free to add your details to the list below so creators can find you easily. 

The board Game community thanks you for your help.

How to Find Board Game Creators?

Now you know where to find an artist, but the question still is how to find a board game artist and communicate with him/her. Here are a couple of tips that can be of help.

  1. Find games similar to your ideal game.

  2. Get some art from various sources for play testing your game.

  3. After you decided the final game components, search for artist in the given list.

  4. Check artists’ portfolio to see if their art style suits your game. 

  5. Contact and Negotiate with them. 

  6. Be nice, respectful, and even give credits to the artists. 

For a more detailed article about finding artists please check an article by Sebastian Koziner and an article by Brandon Rollins.

If you have any recommendations please feel free to contact us here, or  Message HeroTime on Facebook.

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