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We make it easy to manufacture your game and sell on Amazon and other e-commerce platforms successfully. Get expert help with everything from manufacturing to shipping, marketing your game and more.

  • Get an accurate quote for your entire process, from game manufacturing to shipping.
  • Use a single company for everything, avoiding headaches and complicated contracts.
  • Ensure compliance with Amazon policies and ship directly to Amazon’s fulfillment centers.
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Hero Time were amazing. Hersh did so much for us. He was very willing to listen to our budget constraints, our launch strategy, and provide useful feedback and creative solutions. We consider Hero Time Manufacturing a key part of our team.

Backfire Game Studio

McKay Anderson

Hero Time were very smart in guiding us how to print what we want, how to save money and how to achieve good quality. We printed over a dozen games through them. They did an amazing job and I recommend Hero Time to everyone.

Creator of Zaberias

Benny Goldstein

Manufacture Your Game for Amazon & E-Commerce

Amazon and other e-commerce platforms can be lucrative channels for selling your board game or card game. We work directly with you as a board game creator to help you design and manufacture your game, then sell on Amazon’s marketplace, Shopify or other platforms successfully.

More than 300 board game and card game publishers have trusted us to manufacture their games, including bestselling games on Amazon and other competitive marketplaces.

As specialists in board game design, manufacturing, safety testing and Amazon regulations, we can help you stay in full compliance with Amazon’s rules, connect you with specialists in board game and card game marketing, and help you achieve sales success with your game.

Whether you’re creating your first game to sell online or scaling your existing Amazon or e-commerce board game and/or card game business, we’re here to be your reliable partner and make manufacturing easy.

Work Directly With Our Expert Creator Assistants

Our creator assistants are available throughout the process of creating your game to answer your questions, provide information about the manufacturing process, and make sure your board game or card game is fully compliant with the rules for selling on Amazon’s marketplace.

  • Get free help with your project when you need it via email or video call.
  • Talk to our team about the best components and materials for your game.
  • Access up-to-date pricing, manufacturing, and fulfillment information.
  • Get expert advice on Amazon labeling, safety and FBA rules.

Manufacture Your Game in Our State-of-the-Art Facility

We own and operate one of the world’s top board game and card game manufacturing facilities, allowing us to create your board game using high quality materials and processes.

We also own our own fulfillment facility, meaning your game can be delivered quickly and efficiently, without the usual delays that often occur with fulfillment providers.

Manufacture your game on time, on budget and deliver to your backers. Our experienced manufacturing team is here to help you with every step of the process of creating your game, from selecting materials to design, printing, packaging and more.

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Rigorous Quality Control

Benefit from our extensive quality control system to ensure your game is manufactured exactly how you want it.

Restock Your Game On Time

Maintain strong Amazon rankings and never miss an opportunity by keeping your game restocked and ready to sell.

Amazon Compliance

Achieve compliance with Amazon’s policies and safety requirements for your game with the help of our team.

Ship Directly to Amazon

Ship your game directly to your fulfillment centers using our large range of efficient shipping solutions.

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